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Altona consists of three clock interested people from Stockholm. Classicism, minimalism and Nordic style are the three concepts that they have developed the concept of their watches around. All models feature a solid stainless steel shell (316L), sapphire glass and genuine leather strap. Altona hope you will, as much as they do, like to wear their watches every day - for all kinds of occasions.


J0o0lry is the artist name of Stockholm-based jewelery designer Cho Hyunjung. Since 2011, she has created pieces inspired by the geometric elements. The inspiration for the collection 0,1,7,8,9 was found in the absence of the numerical value of the Arabic numbers. Then they instead is all about circles and lines. She wanted to play with the very simple geometric elements.


Kristin Løberg & Martina Zbinden are the designers behind the brand Kósmos. Their philosophy is to develop simple, elegant and delicate jewelry made from genuine materials. The pieces are rather androgynous then feminine and emphasizes every beauty and body. The design is timeless beauty, because of its authentic material and refined style. The brand is constantly inspired by Nordic nature, minimalism and playful graphic forms.

Lil blue fish of Lille

From London to Paris has Debbie Boon-Allard created her jewelry brand from own techniques and inspiration from nature and gemstones. She wants to keep it small and qualitative instead of being drawn into mass production. Debbie's products tells a lot about her inner state of happiness "Etre Heureux comme un poisson dance l`eau-," it feels right, and then it attracts similar people.

Lucie kaas

By working with both old and new designers the Danish Interior brand lucie kaas wants to communicate stories through the object itself or from the designer.

Becky Kemp from Sketch.inc has created hand-painted kokeshi dolls in Schima Superba wood. By exploring geometric expression along with Japanese and Nordic aesthetics, she has formed her own universe where each character tells its own little story

Madelene Bjälevik

Stockholm-based silversmith who handcrafts each piece of jewelry which makes all her design unique. The design is simple and uncluttered with a small playful touch. Madelene is often inspired by organic and graphic designs and shapes, traveling, meeting people, fashion and architecture. Simple lines and shapes is a strong recognition of her design.


Gothenburg-based Andrea Pedersen has since 2013 been running the independent design brand Ortiz. focusing on timeless designs in a variety of forms, durability and good quality. She prefers to work with fair trade manufacturer that focuses on the respectable working conditions and fair conditions for its employees. If you choose to invest in an Ortiz. you can count on a long-term relationship instead of numerous short flings with wannabees.

Mikaela Höök

A handmade clothing brand where everything is manufactured by Mikaela. From the first idea to the design, manufacture, and the painted print. It's simple garments, but with the prints and details that make them unique. There are clothes for those who love to be seen and stands out. With her brand Mikaela also wants to fight for an equal society where women are allowed to be seen, heard and own.

Sarah Winther

Currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Konstfack in Stockholm, which has a great influence on her jewelry designs. Sarah mixes traditional craftsmanship with more experimental techniques and materials to create a unique and powerful piece of jewelry. All pieces are now made from recycled silver and gold-plating is made with recycled gold, to affect the environment as little as possible without compromising the safety of the people who are working to refine the metals.